Array Camera

The ultimate multi-cam experience

Array camera systems create unique and memorable event experiences with our dynamic, animated portraits brought to you by party professionals.

Array photography is awesome and people like it

  • Array photography is a fun, interactive experience on site, and it creates cool content that people want to share.

  • Array photography is a perfect tool for brands and events who want their experiences to resonate online.

  • Array captures are visually compelling, and generate far more social engagement than other forms of content.

We make things fun and easy

  • Our Array systems go from case to capturing in under half an hour.

  • Images can be shared instantly, and service can be customized for your event.

  • Lighting setups and image framing are flexible to fit your scene.

  • Systems are built to travel and designed to be set up pretty much anywhere.

The best in the business

Super A-OK pioneered the out-of-the-box camera array activation in 2014 and we’ve set the standard ever since. Our dedicated team and sector-leading technology has brought hundreds of events around the world to life with animated imagery. Basically, we’ve been doing our thing since before this sort of thing was even a thing.

  • 2014 array introduced

  • 500+ events activated

  • 200k+ captures captured

  • countless social media impressions

Trusted by the best in a lot of businesses

We’re well-known for providing the highest quality array captures in the industry, which is why some of the biggest and most image-conscious brands out there rely on us for their big events.

You set the scene

Array content can be customized in myriad ways, limited only by your imagination (and your budget).

Graphic Overlays

Capitalize on the viral reach of social media posts from your event by adding branded graphics and messages to array captures.

Animated Effects

Bring an additional layer of creativity to your images by adding in animated end cards, overlays, and dimensional graphics that mimic the “3D” nature of array captures.

Custom Backgrounds

Create an immersive environment for guests with imaginative backdrops, props, and full sets.

Our systems set the standard

The Array Plus is our go-to, do-it-all, always-the-right-answer system. It’s ideal for high profile events and lower budget affairs of all types.

  • Set up and run by one person

  • Can run unattended for long term installations

  • 7 cameras

  • 8'×8' footprint

The A-1 Array is our OG, flagship system. Its larger footprint allows it to capture larger-than-life photo moments and big personalities.

  • Run by a two person tech and operator team

  • Captures a fuller frame that can fit larger groups

  • 13 cameras

  • 12'×12' footprint

Array Camera

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  • Los Angeles
  • Chicago
  • The World